Welcome to Glotrans!

Imagine you're at home and need your office documents but they are on your work computer, essentially inaccessible. Or picture collaborating with a work group on a multi-part document. How would you keep track of everyone's attachments and comments? What you need is a web-based document management system built by Glotrans.

Glotrans is an entrepreneurial software provider that fosters the efficient use of internet resources to help you manage your documents. Our applications provide you with a virtual office. Accessible from any location with an internet connection, you have the tools to conduct business efficiently. We do not sell products but rather leverage a vast library of software modules to tailor an application to your specific needs.

For over a decade, Glotrans has helped organizations successfully collect, manage, distribute and sell documents over the internet. Whether you need to collaborate on document production, file a legal brief in court, or market your scholarship over the internet, we can provide a unique solution that fits your needs. We offer a complete line of web services under one roof: design, engineering, hosting, consulting, content management and customer service.