Managing Documents Online

Flexible Environment

Imagine you're at home and need your office documents but they are on your work computer, essentially inaccessible. Or picture collaborating with a work group on a multi-part document. How would you keep track of everyone's attachments and comments? What you need is a web-based document management system.

Extensive Security

If you need to access your documents online, Glotrans systems feature a friendly interface that lets you manage your documents via the internet. Using several permission levels, you have full control over who can upload and retrieve documents. Documents can be stored in many formats, such as PDF, MS-Word or MS-Excel. A search tool lets you locate documents by keyword or based on content.

Universal Access

This is a prime benefit of web systems. Once a document is in the database, it can be accessed around the clock from any location with a web connection. Documents are secure and their authenticity is guaranteed.


Document collaboration systems allow work groups to efficiently produce large documents. Glotrans collaboration systems support versioning, comments, several permission levels and optional email notifications.


Managers, authors and reviewers can access the website to display the latest version of a document, post a comment on a version, add a new member to the work group or upload a new chapter. This provides a complete track record in a secure easy-to-use web environment.

We are available to give you a demonstration of the many benefits of online document collaboration.