More Web Applications

Managing Data on the Web

Glotrans has built numerous other web applications for courts, attorneys, brokers, conference organizers and other businesses that benefit from web-based data management. Beyond document management, Glotrans applications can assist you in accepting reservations, tracking orders, managing client cases or keeping expense reports.

Global Access

If geography is a challenge for your business, then a web-based application will help you bridge the gap with your customers, your partners and your employees. Your data can be managed and shared over the internet in a secure and efficient manner. Your business will gain both in efficiency and technological advantage.

Organic Harvest, a produce broker, uses a Glotrans system to keep track of client orders and produce inventory in farms in Northern California. World Meetings Plus, an organizer of international conferences, uses a Glotrans web application to invite participants to its conferences and manage reservation data. Protection & Advocacy, a legal services organization, uses Glotrans systems for both its timekeeping and its expense report management.