Electronic Filing of Legal Documents

If you are a court or government entity accepting filings from the public, consider accepting documents electronically over the internet. Glotrans can build a system that meets your technological and operational requirements.

Comprehensive Support

Glotrans is the e-filing service provider for the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara county. We have built a system that complies with the State's XML standards and can interface with the court's case management system. We provide customer service to the filers and support the court clerk's office.

Seamless Filing

Filers use the service at www.scefiling.org to file PDF documents online and view case documents. After a document is submitted, it is reviewed by the court clerk, who applies an electronic endorsement. The filer is then notified by email and the document is e-served to the parties in the case. Pleading documents are publicly accessible, but discovery documents are restricted to case parties.

Increased Efficiency

The benefits of using Glotrans e-fiilng services are many: Filers save the expense of couriers, faxes and service by mail. Judges, attorneys and court staff can view case documents instantly from any location with internet access. Long lines at the courthouse are no longer necessary. The overall efficiency of the filing process is greatly enhanced.

Do not hesitate to call Glotrans to discuss your e-filing requirements.