Webmaster Services

A Glotrans web application is designed to empower its client administrator to take control of ongoing tasks such as web page content update, setting up of end-users, monitoring of financial activity, and report generation. We provide the administrator with a complete set of web tools to monitor, control and administer the server application.

Alternatively, Glotrans can provide its customers with the full set of webmaster services using personnel and telephony located in Oakland, California. This includes telephone and email support for all end-users, document up- and down-loading, content management, and DNS (Domain Name Service) management. We also provide technical and production assistance to organizations that need to index and convert paper documents to an electronic format in order to upload them to their website.

Whether you decide to administer your web application or need support from us, we can provide an appropriate and cost-efficient level of webmaster services to ensure that your application will run smoothly and your own end-users will be completely satisfied.